Cochine Saigon

Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom Candle

Burn the Cochine Saigon Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom Candle for an invigorating scent from a far off place. This luxury candle uses sustainable ingredients.

Take yourself to another land when you burn the Cochine Saigon Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom Candle. A blend of woody water hyacinth and tangy lime blossom creates a faraway feel. This luxury candle displays beautifully.

  • Size: 230 gr.
  • 50 hours burn time.
  • Lead-free cotton wick.
  • Renewable botanical wax blend.
  • Recycled & recyclable packaging.
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Cochine Saigon's fragrance and skin care specialist Kate Crofton-Atkins was immediately overcome by the exotic city's romance and style when she moved to the Easter city. She at once set out to design a line that could capture the jasmine seeping out of every alleyway, the French colonial architecture that acted as the backdrop for the city and the restorative afternoons along the Saigon River. Kate spent many months working with the essential oils harvested from lush Vietnamese plant life to create the perfect scent combination to reflect the intoxicating city. The resulting luxury fragrance collection is evidence of her belief that even daily events can become pleasurable when experienced with beauty, quality and style.

All essential oils are of the highest standards. The luxury candles are made using a renewably sourced botanical palm oil, specially designed for Cochine Saigon's standards, as well as lead-free cotton wicks. Each bottle is made with recyclable plastic and finished with an embossed silver collar, reflecting the luxury brand's high standards. Use Cochine Saigon in your day to day life to add beauty and style.

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