Coral and Tusk

Antler Stack Large Stocking

Coral & Tusk embroidered stocking is a wonderful addition the the mantle. Embroidery creates a "tree" of woodland critters.

Embroidered with woodland critters assembled to resemble a tree, this Coral & Tusk Antler Stack Large Stocking is waiting to be filled with Christmas goodies. This stocking would make a terrific addition to any mantle and pairs well with Coral & Tusk's Arctic Tree Large Stocking.

  • Size: 20" L x 12" W.
  • Embroidered on 100% Linen.
  • Lined with 100% Linen.

Care: To maintain crisp quality, dry cleaning or spot cleaning is suggested. If you appreciate the feel of soft linens, then machine wash cold with a delicate detergent, and line dry. Do not use bleach or bleach products. To avoid set in wrinkles and to prevent delicate nature of embroidery, do not machine dry. After drying, iron out wrinkles with iron on steam setting or when lightly sprayed with water.

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Short Description Since 2007 Stephanie Housley and husband Chris Lacinak have been creating whimsical textiles that have inspired each of them since childhood. Born out of magical experiences from Wyoming to Nepal, Coral & Tusk takes you on a journey past hungry whales to mustachioed tamarinds in the treetops. The professionally educated textile designer, Stephanie, first draws her animal and nature scenes in pencil before adding them to her computer. Each item is then finished by hand, ensuring each pillow, doll, napkin and artwork possess their fairy-tale feel. A mix of smart design, magic and mischief is at the heart of every Coral & Tusk embroidery.
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