Bath Rugs & Mats

Finish the stylish look of your bathroom with luxury bath mats and bath rugs. We offer coordinating tub mats for smaller spaces and designer bath rugs for a more sophisticated look from the most luxurious designers all over the world. Consider adding a monogram or applique to your new bath or tub mat for a personalized touch.

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  1. Sferra Amira Bath Towel, wash cloth, bath sheet, fingertip towel, hand towel, tub mat
    Sferra Amira Cotton/Modal Bath Towel Collection
  2. Astrée Bath Towel Collection
    Yves Delorme Astrée Bath Towel Collection
  3. Abyss & Habidecor Bay Bath Rug
    Abyss and Habidecor Bay Bath Rug
  4. Sferra Bello Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Wash cloth, bath sheet, fingertip towel, tub mat
    Sferra Bello Bath Towel Collection
  5. Canedo Bath Towel Collection
    Sferra Canedo Bath Towel Collection
  6. Abyss & Habidecor Double Tub Mat
    Abyss and Habidecor Double Tub Mat
  7. Yves Delorme Etoile Towel Collection
    Yves Delorme Etoile Bath Towel Collection
  8. Abyss & Habidecor Kelly Bath Rug White Orange
    Abyss and Habidecor Kelly Bath Rug
  9. Abyss & Habidecor Must Bath Rug
    Abyss and Habidecor Must Bath Rug
  10. Abyss & Habidecor Reversible Bath Rug
    Abyss and Habidecor Reversible Bath Rug