Dransfield & Ross Reupholstery Makeover – Interior Design by Massey Glenne

Dransfield & Ross Reupholstery Makeover – Interior Design by Massey Glenne

Dransfield & Ross Interior Design Project

Here’s the scenario: you have a piece of upholstered furniture that you absolutely adore yet the fabric you once found to be ‘the one’ is now either dated, distressed or just doesn’t fit with your existing decor scheme. Reupholstery might be the perfect answer to any of one these dilemmas.

One of Massey Glenne’s clients had a similar predicament of her own when it came to her coveted Dransfield & Ross folding stools. She absolutely cherished the x-frame  design of the base, yet felt that the fabric wouldn’t blend well in their home in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Massey knew a facelift was in order and had the perfect fabric in mind to re-create the stool.

Massey picked out Manuel Canovas’s Atoll fabric in Celadon. The aqua-colored, coral-patterned fabric played off of the aqua and white accents in one of the guest bedrooms in their island retreat. Brass nail-heads, which match the existing stools structural rods, were applied along the edges of the bench, tying the upholstery together with other accents in the room for a fine, polished piece. The resulting transformation brought light to an old favorite and made for a fitting, elegant room accent.

So, next time you think about letting go of that favorite fabric laden furniture piece, consider a reupholstery revamp to breathe new life back in to it.

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