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With so many different rooms in your home, each with its own function, we know there are countless ways to decorate and make each room unique and welcoming. The details in your home are a reflection of your own personal style, just by selecting a few accessories you can begin to tell the story of you, throughout your home. At The Picket Fence our designers carefully curate our collections, so that every piece you need to create that special look in your home is at your fingertips.

When selecting décor for your home choose pieces you love while sticking to a general style, theme, or color palette. This way, you can single out pieces of different textures, size, and style while maintaining a cohesive feel. It's also easy to refresh your style from one season to the next, simply by changing out a few accessories. By adding a few pieces here and there, you can create a warm, hospitable look that captures your personality.

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