Baudelaire Cedar 13" Bath Brush

Bring high quality soaps and luxurious body care products into your bathroom with soaps by Baudelaire, Inc. Passionate about providing the best in soaps, they have been searching the world over for artisanal people who share their same zeal for sharing the best body products they can make. Baudelaire has teamed up with Stephane Lacaille of Provence Sante who makes luxury bath soaps using timeless, soap making techniques. Switzerland's Ernst Schenk is committed to authentic beekeeping and using their wonderful, naturally produced healing ingredients. Exfoliate with natural sea sponges harvested safely by Jim Cantonis of Florida. Whatever your body care passion is, you are sure to find what you need in the Baudelaire line.

The Baudelaire Cedar 13" Bath Brush is inspired from the ancient Japanese custom of promoting good health and circulation stimulation during the shower. Use the bristle side of the brush to exfoliate and free fresh, new skin. It is perfect for the bath and shower.

  • Size: 13" L.