Lilies and Daisies Table Runner


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  • 100% un-dyed, unbleached flax fiber linen
  • Embroidered features large-scale white lilies embroidered alongside cheerful pink daisies. Framing the fresh blossoms are romantic ranunculuses, gold daffodils, and violets.
  • 100% linen backing
  • Perfect for year round entertaining
  • The embroidery on this table runner is composed of over half a million stitches. It can take up to two days for some of our runners to be embroidered on the machine, overseen by a skilled operator who manually changes threads each time the color changes. After the embroidery is completed, it takes another hour and a half for each runner to be expertly hand sewn and finished with care.
  • **Embroidery motif placement varies slightly per runner**

    Care: Spot clean or dry clean only.

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