Freja Cashmere Wool Blend Throw in Dark Sand

  • 50% cashmere / 50% wool
  • 48" x 70"
  • Hand knitted on needles by women educated in the craft
  • Each throw takes 22-25 days to knit
  • Handmade in Nepal
Care: Avoid washing your cashmere product too often. Cashmere is self-cleaning, and smells disappear quickly from the material. Try airing it outside or on a hanger in the bathroom while showering and let the steam clean it. Wash your cashmere product in a front-load type of washing machine, either on a wool or hand-washing cycle with water temperature set to 86oF (and max 400 centrifuge), however do not use large industrial machines. Hand washing is not recommended. Store folded, not on a hanger.