Orchid & Honeysuckle Bar Soap

Gianna Rose Atelier is the leader in creating the best of triple-milled soaps and personal care gift soaps that have been lovingly hand crafted into beautiful items and animals. Each soap is made from a pure vegetable base and triple-milled, ensuring a luxury soap that is longer lasting and more creamy than others. Their gift soaps exude beauty and will bring a smile to the receiver, giving you the confidence that you got the best of the best. Each Gianna Rose collection offers a unique personal touch that is sure to be passed down from you to your friends.

Notes of tropical Orchid and vibrant White Honeysuckle create a seaside retreat for the senses. Gianna Rose Atelier's Orchid & Honeysuckle Bar Soap is infused with organic honeysuckle flower, sweet almond and wheat bran for exfoliation. Each 6 oz, French-milled soap comes wrapped in a beautifully decorated paper pouch.

  • 6 oz. Bar.

  • Triple Milled.

  • Individually Wrapped.