La Sieste Tranquillité Eye Masque

  • 100% Premium 6A Silk, 22 Momme Weight.
  • Filled with Flax and Grade 5A French lavender.
  • Adds gentle weight to pressure points.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Made with non-toxic dyes.
  • Blocks light to achieve a deeper restorative sleep.
  • Protects & hydrates delicate skin surrounding eyes.
  • Relaxes your eyes to reduce wrinkles & dark circles.
  • Black silk liner maximizes light filtration.
  • Silk covered comfort fit band.
  • Featured in Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Lifestyle, and more!

Care: To ensure your product will last for years to come while maintaining silk's luster, silkiness and optimal benefits, follow these care instructions:

Keeping silk fibers moist is mandatory for product longevity. As a rule, "if it will dry out your hair or skin, it will dry out your silk". Silk naturally consists of the same amino acids as our skin and hair, and just like hair, when silk becomes dry it loses its luster, silkiness, and strength.

Use a detergent with a neutral pH that is specifically formulated for silk. We highly recommend Le Blanc Silk and Lingerie Wash, which is formulated to preserve silk. It does not contain harsh chemicals or enzymes that will damage silk.

WARNING: Most common detergents contain chemicals and enzymes that dry out or damage silk fibers over time.

NEVER use bleach, fabric softener, or any product that contains bleach, enzymes, or whiteners on silk.

Hand or Machine Wash Delicate Cycle: using cool or lukewarm water.

Hang or Lay Flat to Dry: do not put in dryer. Drying damages silk and weakens the fabric. It will lose its luster, silkiness, and eventually cause tearing.

Ironing: Iron only on low setting while still damp. Dampness protects the silk from over-drying.

Do not use steam. It is too hot.