Red Tail Hawk Feather Tea Towel


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  • 25" x 18", unfolded
  • 12.5" x 6", folded
  • 100% un-dyed and unbleached flax fiber linen with linen backing
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified
  • Embroidered red tail hawk feather was drawn from nature. Stitched with warm hues to depict the tail feathers of the bird of prey.
  • Our tea towels begin as blank canvases. After each tea towel is hemmed, our production partners stitch each one individually on their embroidery machine. The embroidery on our Daisy Bouquet tea towel is composed of thousands and thousands of stitches. A skilled seamstress finishes each tea towel by hand, trimming the embroidery threads. The tea towel is then folded and pressed into the final product we send to your home. The entire production process can take up to two hours for a single tea towel.
  • 100% un-dyed, unbleached flax fiber linen

    Care: Linen is an incredibly durable fabric, and can be laundered in many ways. Over time, linen softens with multiple washes, enhancing the texture of the fabric. If you prefer a natural linen look, feel free to machine wash and line dry your favorite Coral & Tusk tea towels. To keep your linens crisp and smooth, consider spot clean treatments or dry cleaning.