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Rover Haute Dog 2017 Edition

The beautiful 11" x 11" Rover Haute Dog Edition coffee table book displays over 500 dogs in about 525 pages, with choice of cover cuteness!
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  • 11" x 11", approx. 525 pages.

Rover beautifully illustrates that healthy, smart and beautiful purebreds and mixed breeds are available for adoption as many of the dogs in Barkington once lived in a rescue. Some of the dogs were photographed when they were still homeless.

We hope the soulful, heartwarming and fun portraits inside the museum quality art book will inspire many people to welcome a shelter pet into their home.

Rover Haute Dog is a timeless tribute to man's best friend, a wonderful conversation piece and is the perfect gift for pet lovers of all ages.

The Mission
Reduce the homeless pet population by supporting organizations with effective and comprehensive spay and neutering programs. 

Provide pet lovers with a fun and easy way to immortalize their dog while helping homeless pets.

Help rescues decrease their donor acquisition costs by connecting generous donors with deserving and effective rescues that live on long after Rover. 

Provide rescues with a tool they can use to engage existing donors and attract new donors.

Provide rescues with platforms and events where they can share their achievements, programs, challenges, needs and goals. 

Increase adoptions by overcoming the shelter dog stigma by illustrating that healthy, smart, beautiful and loving mixed breeds and purebred dogs are available for adoption at shelters and rescues across the country.

Convey the crucial role spaying and neutering plays in reducing the overall homeless pet population crisis in America.

Identify, share and implement innovative and effective operating, marketing and fund raising strategies.

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Short Description is rooted in the belief that small actions can make a big impact and that the combined efforts of many people can lead to significant change. We believe this to be true because Rover itself is the result of a small action. It was a small action that became a book, which then became a brand that animal-lovers rally around. And now it has become more than a brand, but a call to action and a banner for change. From one small book to a full-fledged rescue effort — we are

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