Baskets & Trays

Woven baskets and decorative trays make a wonderful addition to any home. Functional and stylish, the luxury baskets and trays are perfect for holding daily knick knacks, organizing toys for the kids and the dogs, or for serving beautiful appetizers.

Baskets not only provide everyday functionality, but add color and also texture when woven from materials such as seagrass, rattan, abaca, or water vines. In the bathroom, baskets are a perfect solution for displaying a group of folded or rolled towels. In the laundry room, use a basket to organize laundry. Store books or magazines in the living room or extra throws or toss pillows in a decorative basket.

Trays are also versatile in that they can be used to serve refreshments and snacks while hosting, then be stored beautifully on an ottoman, coffee table, sideboard, or even a dining room table when not in use. Many enjoy using decorative trays on their dresser for catching change, keys, and pocket contents. Some find it helpful to have a tray in the bathroom for storing perfume, and other necessary toiletries.

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