Woodland Spruce Candle

  • The aroma of an enchanted winter forest is created by combining the natural essence of warm birch, earthy palo santo wood, and evergreen spruce. Fir balsam and juniper berries capture a crisp, wintery spirit.
  • Top Notes of Juniper Berries, Blue Eucalyptus
  • Middle Notes of Fir Balsam, Birch Leaf, Frosted Vanilla
  • Bottom Notes of Palo Santo, Cypress
  • 6.5 ounce: 3x3, up to 50 hour burn time
  • Clean burning soy-based wax with touch of paraffin
  • 100% natural cotton wick.
  • Highly concentrated essential oil based fragrance
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Perfect for holiday celebrations, New Years and Christmas.
  • Beautiful modern glass blown vessel