Original Linen Wash

  •  Neutral pH.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Designed for the laundering of luxury and everyday washable and colorfast linens and apparel
  • Formulated to protect fibers while preserving the original beauty of fine textiles and apparel
  • The exquisite fusion of jasmine and hyacinth is brought together with light notes of apple and kiwi. Sunlit herbs, citrus zest, and precious woods
  • may be used on washable, colorfast, and organic linens as well as all cottons, synthetics, and blends
  • Safely launder antique linens, household bedding, table linens, lace, quilts, christening gowns, apparel, and more
  • Has been tested and proven to remove stains caused by: lipstick, red wine, grease, honey, perspiration, fruit juice, baby formula, syrup, pet stains, egg yolk, coffee, tea, oil, dressing, blood, liquor, cola, food coloring, gravy, caramel, most mustards, flower pollen, butter, most inks, jams & jellies, and pencil

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