Beeswax Smooth Pillar Candle, Ivory

*Due to beeswax being a completely natural product, there may be slight variations in its natural color*
  • 100% beeswax, sold individually
  • Ivory color achieved by a natural process without bleaching or chemicals
  • Dripless
  • 100% plant fiber wick
  • Does not contain fragrance additives or color additives
  • Each candle arrives with black bow
  • Sustainably sourced and handmade in Canada
Care: For best results, always light candles with the wick trimmed to ¼ inch. The plant fiber wicks in our pillar candles may take longer to light than others. Hold the candle at a slight angle for best results. A little sputtering may occur — this is normal.

To achieve the longest burn time, immediately after extinguishing your candle, gently hug the softened walls of the candle to guide the wax toward the wick. This will allow all of the wax to be consumed instead of melting a tunnel to the bottom of the pillar.

Never blow out the plant fiber wicks of your candle. It is best to use a candle snuffer, or to extinguish it by pushing the wick into the melted wax with a metal tool and then lifting it when the flame is out. This will prevent smoldering and smoke.

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