Edelweiss Eiderdown Comforter

Product Description

When only the best will do, Matouk's Edelweiss Comforters are the solution. The most extraordinary down found on the planet, eiderdown is harvested by hand from abandoned nests of the female eider duck. Superior over all downs in lightness and insulation, eiderdown continually adjusts to your body heat and moisture release. Each of these exquisite comforters are made to order, and if taken care of properly, can be passed down for generations.

  • Queen and King sized All Seasons (Medium) comforters are stocked in Cotton and Silk.
  • All other items are custom and require a 6 - 8 week lead time.
  • View Matouk down guide here.
  • Eiderdown, minimum 95% Eiderdown.
  • Choice of 100% Cotton Batiste or 100% Silk Shell.
  • Baffle Box Construction.
  • Made in Liechtenstein.

Care: Dry Clean Only.

What is eiderdown and what makes it special?

Eiderdown is the small, soft, brown down from the breast of the female eider duck. The female fills her nest with this extremely lofty and lightweight down to protect her against the harsh, windy conditions of Iceland, where our eiderdown comes from. Unlike other types of down, eiderdown does not protect the duck from cold but instead serves as insulation for the offspring.

Each spring, eider ducks return to the same Icelandic breeding grounds, located on protected sites where farmers look out for their nests. Eiderdown is an environmentally friendly material that is hand-collected by farmers from abandoned wild eider duck nests; no harm is done to the bird or its eggs. After it is collected, eiderdown is immediately dried and cleaned without chemical additives, and feathers and any straw residue are removed by hand.

Eiderdown clusters stick together, providing excellent insulation, but also allowing body heat and moisture to pass through extremely easily. Its clusters are larger and finer and have denser flakes than any other type of down; it’s so fine that it will not poke through silk. These qualities makes eiderdown perfect for comforters – it’s warm and soft but never traps heat, allowing the body to remain at a consistent temperature, which is ideal for a luxurious and unparalleled sleep experience.

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King

Weight: Summer, All Season, Winter