Fragrance Free Linen Wash, 64 oz.


Safely protect your investment in fine linens! Le Blanc Linen Wash gently and effectively cleans your washable bed, bath, and table linens, antique linens, colored linens, lace, quilts, 100% cottons, synthetics and blends.

This cold water wash has been tested to remove the most difficult stains, without the use of harmful chemicals found in common soaps and detergents, which can destroy fine fabrics, causing them to fall apart and yellow. Many common detergents also require hot water to work properly, and this not only sets stains, it also shrinks fabrics. Recommended by fine linen designers.

  • Size: 64 oz.
  • Contains no Phosphates, Bleach, or Caustics.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Has been tested and proven to remove stains caused by: lipstick, red wine, grease, honey, perspiration, fruit juice, baby formula, syrup, pet stains, egg yolk, coffee, tea, oil, dressing, blood, liquor, cola, food coloring, gravy, caramel, most mustards, flower pollen, butter, most inks, jams & jellies, and pencil.